Hong Kong Filmart 2013

Hong Kong Filmart 2013, the largest film and TV content trade fair in Asia, was held for 4 days in March from Monday 18 through Thursday 21. Our own Keisuke Inutsuka was there to cover the fair. He returned safely to the office last week.

Here’s Keisuke’s report on the event.

“Hong Kong is HOT—and in more ways than one. The temperature was 28˚ (and it’s not even summer!) but it’s not just the weather that’s hot. Hong Kong is a bustling center of finance and trade that attracts people from all over the globe.

Hong Kong’s content industry is especially thriving and I have no doubt that it’s only going to get bigger.

Filmart was truly spectacular. The Hong Kong content industry is growing with a momentum that could surpass even Hollywood.

The event included an award ceremony for film actors and actresses in Asia and a trade exhibition held at a separate location. The sheer number of exhibitors overwhelmed my expectations. There were booths present not only from Asia, but also from Europe, Africa, and the Mid East.

Everything exhibited was magnificent. I found myself wishing I could convey to everyone the energy of Kyushu’s content industry as well. It was a truly unforgettable event.”

*Hong Kong Filmart is an event organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. It includes the Hong Kong International Film Festival, Asian Film Awards, Hong Kong Film Awards, and a forum on raising funds to produce movies. It is the largest event in the film, TV, and digital content field in Asia.


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